Rinjani Trekking Packages

Are you now looking for the best Rinjani Trekking Packages? If yes, then this is the right page you are looking for. Our Rinjani Trekking Packages are available for all levels of travelers.

We would love to share this with you, especially if you love adventure very much. Our team is professional and has over 10 years in arranging Rinjani Trekking Tours.

Rinjani Mountain is an active volcano that is located in North Lombok, Indonesia. The mountain is at a high point of 3.726 m. There is also a small new volcano active at the top of the mountain that we call Gunung Baju Jari. It is an active volcano.

Lombok is an island located in the east of Bali. This island offers many beautiful places. On Lombok, you can find beautiful beaches, Volcano Mountain, Waterfalls, Surf point, etc. Join some of Lombok tour arrangements if you want to visit the island.

Recommended Mount Rinjani Trekking Packages

As the best Lombok Rinjani agency, we would love to point you to the most recommended Rinjani Trekking Packages:

  • 2 Day Private Rinjani Trek from Sembalun
  • 3 Day Private Mount Rinjani Trek from Sembalun
  • 4 Day Rinjani Trekking tour from Sembalun

The above trek packages are the most recommended packages to book. For more details on trekking arrangements, you can visit Mount Rinjani Trekking Packages from Lombok.

Getting to Lombok

Below are the best ways to get to Lombok:

  • Flight from Bali or Jakarta to Lombok International Airport
  • Ferry from Padang Bai, Bali to Lembor harbor, Lombok. The ferry will take about 5 hours, depending on the weather.
  • Fast Boat from Bali to Lombok. If you book a fast boat from Padang Bai, then the trip will be 1 1/2 hours. But if you book the one that leaves from Serangan or Sanur, it will take approximately 2 1/2 hours.

If you join the Lombok trekking tour, you will be picked up by the team at the Airport. We also provide transfers from your accommodation in Lombok.

Rinjani Trekking Packages

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