How do you distinguish indoor teak furniture from other wooden furniture?

Teak has long been recognized as a high quality wood which has strong durability and also has a distinctive thread beauty. Furniture made with teak wood as the main material always has a classy appearance.

These advantages are what encourage teak furniture to be the prima donna among other furniture. Not only in Indonesia, Indonesian teak furniture is also known in foreign markets as quality furniture that has high value.

So how do you distinguish indoor teak furniture from other wooden furniture? Here are the characteristics:
1. The sound of tapping teak will be heavy and loud compared to other types of wood.
2. Indoor teak furniture is usually made from old teak trees that are about 80 years old.

The surface of old teak wood usually has a rough surface compared to young teak. This rough part will still be there even after it has been sanded. However, even though it is rough, this rough surface is considered the hallmark of teak for teak furniture fans.

When buying teak furniture, make sure you buy the right teak furniture for you. Maybe quite a lot of people underestimate the process of selecting furniture. However, at least invite your family to discuss the needs regarding furniture related to taste and of course the budget they have.

Also keep in mind that the selection of furniture must be in accordance with the overall design theme of the house. A house with a minimalist theme certainly needs minimalist themed furniture. You certainly won’t get the maximum minimalist impression in your living room if you choose classic-style furniture that has many beautiful classic carvings.

Teak wood has long been part of Indonesian culture. This type of wood grows in many areas of Central Java such as Jepara, Mount Muria, to Probolinggo. Because of its undeniable quality for hundreds of years, teak wood furniture remains the primadonna of furniture in this modern era. We can find teak furniture in various parts of the world decorating cafes, hotels and various other types of buildings.

How do you distinguish indoor teak furniture from other wooden furniture?

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