Tips to Visit Komodo National Park Indonesia

Are you wondering about tips to visit Komodo National Park in Indonesia? If yes, then you should visit this page to see more details few travel tips to Komodo. Join Komodo island tours can be a great thing if you know everything before visiting the Dragons islands.

Komodo National Park is the place where the world’s largest lizard, Komodo Dragons are inhabitants. It is located on the lesser Sunda chain and under the control of the East Nusa Tenggara province. Besides the Komodo Dragons, the Park also offers beautiful landscapes and underwater marine life. The only best access to the park is by using Komodo island boat tours from Labuan Bajo, Bali, and Lombok.

The Komodo island tours from Labuan Bajo offer daily departure in the morning and mid-day. You can choose to go on a private trip or a shared Komodo tour. For day tours, you can join on a high speedboat, meanwhile, for the overnight tour to Komodo can join on a Phinisi boat.

For the traveler who is in Lombok, you can join Komodo island tours from Lombok. These sailing Komodo trips will depart three times a week. You will be on a shared boat with maximum 0f 40 people. It takes 4 days and 3 nights including exploring Lombok, beyond Sumbawa, and Komodo.

Bali to Komodo Island tours are also available two times a week. These sailing trips are private and shared arrangements. You will choose to do any activities offered. Diving and leisure are most activities to offer while on the sailing trip. Join this sailing trip if you want to get more experience on your adventure.

Travel Tips when Join Komodo Dragon Island Tours

Visiting the Komodo National Park can be a hard thing as it is a place where wildlife is inhabitants. You will have a chance to see closely the world’s largest lizard, Komodo Dragons.

Before you start to explore the park, here the following are tips for your best travel experience:

  1. Join a professional Komodo Island tour operator. This is very important as your whole trip has to be safe and comfortable.  Looking for a professional is the only best way to do for a great travel experience.
  2. Never try to go alone. Komodo Dragons are wild and dangerous, so it is advisable for you not to travel alone in Komodo National Park.
  3. Prepare yourself well, physically and mentally. Komodo National Park is dry and very hot, you should have a good physical. You will also need to be in a good condition as you will need to hike or trek to some of the destinations.
  4. Do not wear a red t-shirt, because Komodo dragons will detect blood.
  5. It is not advisable if you are a woman on a period. Komodo Dragons can smell blood at a distance of 4-kilo meters.
  6. Wear trekking shoes, sunglasses, and casual wear once you trek on the Island of Komodo. Do not forget to bring mineral water.
  7. Do not smoke when you are in the National Park. The island is very dry and easy to burn, so it is not allowed for you to smoke while trekking on the island.
  8. Do not touch corals, turtles, and other life in the National Park.

The Best Komodo Island Tours to Book

For your best travel experience, the following are the best Komodo dragon island tours to book:

  1. 3-day Komodo island tour. This tour package is based on a shared tour. You will go in a group of 40 people on a Phinisi boat.
  2. 2 days 1 night Komodo tour. This Komodo island tour package is based on private tour arrangements. You will get a full boat service during the trip to Komodo.
  3. 3 days 2 nights Komodo Island private tour. This tour is based on a private service that departs from Labuan Bajo. You will go on a Phinisi boat and you are also free to choose destinations to visit.
  4. 4 days and 3 nights luxury Komodo island tours. This is one of the best Komodo island tours to book. You will go on a private Komodo boat from Labuan Bajo. Exploring about 15 destinations in Komodo National Park.

Those are the best-recommended tours to Komodo. For more tours and booking tickets, you can go to the Komodo island tours home page. There is much variety of tours your can book.

Three largest Islands in Komodo National Park

On KomodoNational Park, there are three largest islands found. The following are details of them:

  1. Rinca island is an island where the Komodo Dragons are inhabitants. The width of Rinca island is 196,25 square kilometers. There are over 200 Komodo inhabitants on this island. you will need to trek to find the Komodo and enjoy spectacular views.
  2. Komodo Island is also the largest island where Komodo Dragons are in Habitats. There are over 3000 Komodo Dragons inhabitants on this island. Komodo Island also has a small village called Kampung Komodo. The island is 390 square kilometers.
  3. Padar Island is an island in Komodo National Park where you can find spectacular views. This island is one of the famous places to enjoy your holiday in Komodo. You will need to trek to the top to find great views of amazing island formations. The island is 14,09 square kilometers.

Getting to Komodo National Park can use a one-day Komodo tour package. This way of Komodo island boat tour package is using a high speedboat. You will enjoy visiting the six best destinations in Komodo.

Besides using a high speedboat, you can also join an overnight Komodo island cruise tour. There are many options for tour packages. You can take 2 days and 1 night, 3 days and 2 nights, 4 days and 3 nights, or other overnight tours. These tours mostly depart from Labuan Bajo.

The private offer daily departure and the duration is depending on your schedule. You can choose to go on the duration of trips you want to book. Otherwise, you can also ask the travel team for a fixed trip duration to Komodo. Enjoy exploring the island with the best holiday attraction and a great tour guide from the agency.

Tips to Visit Komodo National Park Indonesia

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