How to Go to the Eye in Starfield

Starfield, the highly anticipated space-faring RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios, promises an expansive and immersive universe for players to explore. One of the enigmatic and awe-inspiring destinations within this universe is known as “The Eye.” This celestial anomaly holds intrigue and mystery, drawing players to embark on a quest to reach it. In this guide, we will provide you with the steps to go to The Eye in Starfield and uncover the secrets it holds.

The Significance of The Eye in Starfield

The Eye is more than just a visually stunning celestial phenomenon in Starfield; it plays a crucial role in the game’s lore and gameplay. Here’s why The Eye is significant:

  1. Mystery and Exploration: The Eye serves as a beacon of mystery and exploration. Its existence raises questions about its origin, purpose, and the potential discoveries that await those who reach it.
  2. Quest Objectives: Several quests in Starfield may lead you to The Eye or require you to visit it to advance in the storyline. Exploring The Eye may hold the key to uncovering hidden truths.
  3. Cosmic Phenomenon: The Eye is a breathtaking cosmic phenomenon, offering stunning visual experiences and unique challenges for players who venture to its location.

Steps to Go to The Eye in Starfield

Reaching The Eye in Starfield is an adventure in itself, requiring careful navigation and exploration. Here are the steps to go to The Eye:

1. Acquire a Spacecraft:

  • To travel to The Eye, you’ll need a spacecraft. Ensure that you have a functional and equipped spacecraft ready for interstellar travel.

2. Explore the Universe:

  • Begin your journey through the universe of Starfield by embarking on interstellar travel. Explore different star systems, planets, and celestial bodies as you search for clues or coordinates that may lead you to The Eye.

3. Investigate Quests and Rumors:

  • Pay attention to in-game quests, rumors, or information from NPCs that mention The Eye. Some quests may provide direct objectives or hints on how to reach The Eye.

4. Access Navigation Systems:

  • Use your spacecraft’s navigation systems to enter coordinates or set a course for The Eye. If you have obtained coordinates or specific instructions related to The Eye, enter them into your navigation system.

5. Follow the Navigation Path:

  • Once you’ve set your course, follow the navigation path indicated on your spacecraft’s interface. Be prepared for challenges and obstacles along the way, such as navigating through asteroid fields or dealing with space anomalies.

6. Monitor Fuel and Resources:

  • Keep a close eye on your spacecraft’s fuel levels and resource reserves during the journey. Ensure that you have enough supplies to reach The Eye and return safely.

7. Reach The Eye:

  • As you approach The Eye, you will witness its awe-inspiring presence. Take in the visual spectacle and prepare for any encounters or challenges that may await you.

8. Explore and Investigate:

  • Upon arriving at The Eye, take the time to explore and investigate the celestial phenomenon. Search for clues, interact with any objects or structures present, and immerse yourself in the experience.

9. Advance Quests or Objectives:

  • Depending on your reasons for visiting The Eye, you may need to complete specific quests or objectives related to the location. Follow quest markers or in-game instructions to progress.

10. Document Discoveries:

As you explore The Eye and make discoveries, document them in your in-game journal or notes. These records can be invaluable for understanding the lore and mysteries surrounding The Eye.

Tips for Visiting The Eye in Starfield

Visiting The Eye is a remarkable journey in Starfield, and these tips can enhance your experience:

1. Prepare Adequately:

  • Ensure that your spacecraft is well-equipped and stocked with essential supplies before embarking on the journey to The Eye.

2. Investigate Thoroughly:

  • Take your time to investigate quests, rumors, or dialogues related to The Eye. Thoroughly exploring dialogue options with NPCs can yield valuable information.

3. Coordinate with NPCs:

  • Engage in conversations with NPCs who may have knowledge about The Eye. They could provide additional context, clues, or quests related to the phenomenon.

4. Embrace the Challenge:

  • Expect challenges and obstacles along the way, and be prepared to navigate them skillfully. This could include combat encounters, resource management, or complex navigation.

5. Share Discoveries:

  • Share your discoveries and experiences related to The Eye with fellow players or online Starfield communities. Collaborative efforts can lead to a deeper understanding of the phenomenon.


Visiting The Eye in Starfield is a captivating and memorable experience that combines exploration, mystery, and awe-inspiring visuals. Whether you’re driven by quests, curiosity, or a desire for cosmic adventure, The Eye promises to deliver a unique and immersive journey. As you embark on this celestial voyage, be prepared for challenges, document your discoveries, and embrace the enigmatic wonder of The Eye in the boundless universe of Starfield. May your journey be filled with discovery and intrigue as you explore this cosmic phenomenon.

Source: Jarvis Medium

How to Go to the Eye in Starfield

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