How to deal with pinguecula?

The sclera, aka the whites of the eyes, should appear clear white. However, if when you look in the mirror you notice yellowish spots on the surface of the sclera, you should be vigilant.

You may experience a condition called pinguecula. This condition tends to occur if you are exposed to a lot of air pollution. What exactly causes pinguecula and how to deal with it? Check out the explanation below.

What does pinguecula mean?

A pinguecula is a growth that looks like a yellow dot or bump on the conjunctiva (the clear tissue that lines the white of the eye and the inside of your eyelids). This yellow dot usually appears in the corner of the eye near the nose. The yellow spots are composed of fat, calcium, and protein.

Quoted from the website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, pinguecula comes from the Latin “pinguis”, which means fat. This condition usually only occurs in one eye. However, it does not rule out the possibility of occurring in both eyes at once.

Pinguecula does not affect visual acuity. However, this condition can be inflamed and make you feel uncomfortable. When inflamed, this condition is called pingueculitis.

These yellow spots can be the start of an eye condition called pterygium. Although it may not be disturbing, if the pterygium continues to grow, this condition can block your vision.

How to deal with pinguecula?

Usually, these yellow spots do not require any treatment. However, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, there are several treatment options for yellow spots that you can do. Here are the options:

1. Eye drops

This eye problem can be treated by using steroid eye drops or eye drops containing NSAID drugs to relieve inflammation that causes red eyes.

2. Operation

Yellow spots on the eyes due to pinguecula can be removed surgically, especially if the size of the spots enlarges and further irritates the eyes.

Surgery to remove yellow spots on the eyes is done for aesthetic reasons. Usually, surgery is not recommended and is needed.

Surgery is an effort that is made when the irritation doesn’t go away after you do the treatment mentioned above. After going through surgery, your condition must be monitored by a doctor.

3. Argon laser photocoagulation

This is an alternative procedure to surgery to remove yellow spots on the eyes. In this procedure, a high power laser is used for thick pinguecula and a low blood laser to remove thinner pinguecula.

This procedure is safe to do for cosmetic or cosmetic reasons. Complications that may arise from this procedure tend to be small.

How to deal with pinguecula?

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